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Insights and stories derived from the motorsport data


Team managers, engineers, drivers, journalists and other motorsport professionals can get information on any driver or team from popular racing series in just a few clicks.


Statistics, public telemetry and in-depth analysis of various topics in motorsport – all of these features are available in our analytics platform. Data on over 2000 racing laps is uploaded to the database every week.


Our core competencies are in:

  • race strategy development and analysis

  • performance on track

  • overtaking

  • application of mathematical and statistical methods in motorsport

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Race analysis

- Race strategy optimisation and analysis
- Tyre degradation curves and crossover points estimation

- Data-driven driver performance reports

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Driver rankings

Performance rankings based on big data analytics:
- Driver net performance index
- Junior driver rankings
- Performance in traffic
- Consistency



Insights based on our extensive database of overtakes:
- Impact of regulation changes
- Statistics for many circuits and drivers

- Analysis of delta to overtake


We collect detailed and ready-to-use data on popular racing series that motorsport professionals can use for race strategy engineering, post-race debriefs, driver performance analysis, competitor benchmarks and media publications.

The data includes:

  • live timing data

  • publicly available telemetry

  • tyre usage and fuel estimations

  • overtakes and traffic management

  • pit stops

  • weather and more

We developed Keberz Analytics Software (KAS) to provide our clients with a convenient data analysis tool. KAS gives users access to a comprehensive motorsport data archive in a single proprietary database and robust analytics and visualisation tools for all major racing series.

We can also provide customised analysis and statistics on demand.

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