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Keberz Analytics Software (KAS)

Data on all major racing series in one place


Keberz Analytics Software (KAS) gives users access to a comprehensive motorsport data archive in a proprietary database and analytics and visualisation tools for all major racing series. Our clients use KAS for race strategy engineering, post-race debriefs, driver performance analysis, competitor benchmarks and media publications. The database updates within 24 hours after each session.

If you want to get access to KAS or have a specific request, please get in touch with us.


KAS allows users to visualise critical live timing data to understand the session better.


Available graphs include:

  • Gaps to race leader

  • Lap times

  • Positions on track for car class

  • Race pace box plot

  • Average pace for every stint, driver and tyre compound

  • Fuel-adjusted tyre wear estimations by compound, with an option to compare tyre wear rates for teams and drivers

  • Pit stop times analysis

  • Tyre strategy visualization

  • Weather


Users can overlay additional data on most graphs, including flags, driver names, tyre compounds, pit window, P2P/DRS usage, markers for traffic, etc. KAS has a built-in graphs editor and can save graphs to all popular formats, including vector images.


KAS calculates over 20 performance indicators for the session based on the live timing data. With these reports, users can quickly compare performance between vehicles, drivers or even individual stints. Export to CSV and a built-in visualisation tool are available for further analysis of this data.

Performance indicators include:

  • Stints, laps and drive time

  • The average pace and average fuel-adjusted pace

  • Consistency

  • The fastest lap and theoretical best lap

  • Fastest sectors

  • Laps in traffic and the number of overtakes

  • Number and time of pit stops

  • Ranking within car class for key performance indicators


KAS aggregates data based on a selected season for a specified series and class. This data can help users analyse specific drivers' performance during a season or get valuable inputs for their race engineering software (for example, probabilities of SC deployment or value of track position for a specific circuit).

Examples of this data for drivers:

  • Laps completed and led

  • Number of pole positions, wins, podiums

  • Average qualifying, race and classification positions

  • Performance in trafficStints, laps and drive time


Examples of this data for circuits:

  • Probabilities of SC, VSC (FCY), red flag deployments

  • Chance to win from a specified position

  • The average percentage of laps in traffic

  • The average number of overtakes per race

  • Average laps in traffic per overtake


KAS aggregates results and performance indicators by every driver during their career. Users can compare the data against teammates or the entire grid to understand relative performance better. Reports can be visualised as heatmaps for the selected series and season or for the whole career of the driver chosen.

Performance indicators include:

  • Qualifying, classification and average race position

  • Laps completed and drive time

  • Average race pace

  • Consistency

  • The fastest lap and theoretical best lap

  • Number of overtakes and overtakes per lap in traffic



Formula 1







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Formula E

DTM 2022.jpg


Additional series may be covered upon request.


We publish some insights made with KAS on our website and social media. Follow us to see how we apply this software to analyse recent races.

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