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Sim Racing

Software and engineering for sim racing teams


Our performance and race strategy engineers participate in the premiere sim racing series in iRacing, rFactor2 and ACC. We work with teams and drivers on car setups, strategy and race engineering.

Performance engineers are responsible for maximising vehicle and driver performance, which involves coordinating testing, driver feedback and car setup development.

Strategy engineers plan and execute race strategy for cars within a team, considering desired risk profiles, competitor actions and opportunities to generate the best outcome available from the race.



  • Preparation and analysis of vehicle testing programs for race and test events;

  • Assistance with setup direction and testing for a team or a driver;

  • Analysis of live and historical telemetry data to improve car and driver performance;

  • Pre-race and post-race car setup analysis and optimisation.



  • Analysis of tyre wear and tyre performance;

  • Pre-race and post-race simulations, including expected pace, tyre degradation and various scenarios to optimise expected race strategies;

  • Development of race strategy tools and databases;

  • Race engineering and management of live race strategy (timings, pit stops, fuel strategy, tyre compound selection) during events.


Strategy Engineer Assistance Tool (SEAT) for rFactor 2 is designed to efficiently summarize timing and telemetry data provided by the rFactor 2 simulator.

It allows for easy analysis of session results, summaries of performance indices, lap and sector performance, as well as race strategy planning and management. The software is configurable to allow for data display and analysis tailored to specific needs.


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